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Welcome to your community of electric vehicle owners and advocates! Our mission is to encourage networking and good public policy toward EV ownership across the state.

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Big Easy Travel Plaza gets a L1 EVSE

If you’re in a pinch along the New Orleans Elysian Fields/I-610 corridor, it looks like the Big Easy Travel Plaza now has a Level 1 120V EVSE port installed. Plugshare.com shows a L1 EVSE with access through ShorePower, a truck electrification company. ShorePower’s website for more info on their EVSE offerings is: http://shorepower.com/komfortkits.html

Louisiana Clean Cities Orgs

Did you know? The US Department of Energy sponsors local organizations throughout the country to help advance alternative and clean fuels. Both Louisiana Clean Fuels and the Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuels Partnership organizations have a mission to promote clean transportation while improving air quality and national security. They have held meetings for electric vehicle stakeholders and helped raise…

Site Launch

Welcome to the new website at ev-la.org! The Louisiana electric vehicle community has been growing quickly in recent months with several new vehicles on the market and an increased awareness in the general public. The hope is for this site to encourage the community of owners and businesses in the EV industry to work together to…