VW Electric Vehicle Settlement Announced, CA ZEV Investments Posted

As a result of bypassing federal regulations on diesel emissions, Volkswagen Motors made a settlement with the US government that obliges the company to make a substantial investment in clean technologies, including electric vehicles and EV infrastructure. California recently held several open sessions inviting ideas on use of the VW settlement funds. The concepts presented have been tabulated online at:


An excerpt from the site: 

“…VW to invest $800 million in ZEV projects in California over a 10-year period. Eligible projects include installing zero-emission vehicle fueling infrastructure (for both electric- and hydrogen-powered cars), funding brand-neutral consumer awareness campaigns that will help grow the ZEV vehicle market, and investing in projects such as car-sharing programs that will increase access to ZEVs for all consumers in California, including those in lower-income and disadvantaged communities. These projects will support the next generation of California ZEVs, helping to grow the state’s burgeoning ZEV program and lay the foundation for achieving the State’s air quality and climate change goals.”