New Orleans EV Day 2015

New Orleans EV Day 2015

Saturday November 14, 11am – 4pm

Hosted by Whole Foods Market Broad Avendewphoto


300 North Broad Street
Suite 103
New Orleans, LA 70119

Join your community and local Electric Vehicle owners in a celebration of progress made to “electrify” transportation in New Orleans! Clean, domestic electric transportation is growing by leaps and bounds each year and New Orleans has been a quiet success story in the South. Learn how EV charging works, what’s special about an electric vehicle, and even drive an EV yourself!

EV Day happens once per year in the fall, and is a great way to talk to fellow EV owners or learn about EVs for the first time! Some of the vehicles on display include:
– Chevrolet Volt
– Nissan Leaf (Including test drives!)
– Mitsubishi i-MiEV
– Tesla Model S
– Smart Electric Drive
– BMW i3
– And more!

Nissan is sponsoring the event with free test drives of its newest model Leaf, showcasing additional range and other new features. Several other owners will also be on hand with models, and locally there have been sighted Fisker Karma, BMW i8, Tesla roadsters and even home-made conversion vehicles. All owners are invited to share stories of driving electric, as well as show newcomers up-close facts and features of a real production electric car.



  • Nissan Motors
  • Whole Foods
  • Solar Alternatives
  • ChargePoint EV Chargers
  • Southeast Louisiana Clean Fuel Partnership

Solar Alternatives will have its Mobile Solar Generator on hand to solar-charge electric vehicles, for a chance to literally run your EV on sunshine! Demonstration units of ChargePoint commercial and home EV charging systems will also be on hand. Whole Foods will also have samples of seasonal treats!

Admission is free, and EV owners are encouraged to visit, learn, and share experiences with each other and with guests. For more information or to RSVP, contact and come by Broad Ave on Saturday November 7!