Press Release: New Orleans City Council Unanimously Adopts Electric Vehicle Charging Ordinance

Contact: Dave Stets

For Immediate Release: September 28, 2017 PRESS RELEASE
New Orleans City Council Unanimously Adopts Electric Vehicle Charging Ordinance
Advances Clean Transportation by Allowing Vehicle Charging at Properties Without Driveways

New Orleans, LA – Today, the New Orleans City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to ease the ownership and charging of electric vehicles in the City. The ordinance removes a key barrier to Electric Vehicle (EV) ownership by improving access to curbside charging at private properties. The ordinance is modeled on similar programs around the country that resulted in growth of electric vehicle ownership.

Councilmember Ramsey, Chairperson of the Committee on Public Works, Sanitation and the
Environment and sponsor of the ordinance, spoke of community interest in adopting electric vehicles: “We created the Council’s Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) to recommend policies relative to environmental, resiliency and sustainability issues to support a healthy environment for the citizens of New Orleans. As part of their recommendations, increasing the use of electric vehicles is a simple modernization that reduces pollution and long-term costs for our citizens”.

With the growth of electric transportation around the country and world accelerating rapidly, the need to provide for easier access is becoming a policy priority. Most vehicle manufacturers are actively developing electric-drivetrain vehicles, with Mercedes the most recent to announce an $11 Billion investment in EV manufacturing and research in the US, and several tech firms including Apple and Dyson developing their own EVs.

Louisiana EV ownership lags much of the country with an estimated 1500 vehicles, but nearby states including Georgia and Texas have seen a boom in ownership and charger installations by easing restrictions. Local EV advocate Vlad Ghelase attributes Louisiana’s shortfall to remaining policy obstacles. “If the city and state keep removing barriers to ownership, and start setting an example with public fleet EVs, our community can start to see the benefits EVs bring of cleaner air, quieter roads, and more affordable transportation options. We’re on that path now thanks to the City Council, but we have a-ways to go. “ Council District A candidate and former legislative director for Cm.Ramsey – Aylin Maklansky – who was instrumental in negotiating the ordinance – notes that “These policies put New Orleans on the forefront of modern cities, which will save money, reduce climate impacts, and attract business and residents”.

Today’s ordinance provides for owners of homes without driveways to request a special permit for a curbside EV charging unit, allowing vehicle charging at home. “The majority of EV charging happens at home, with some charging at work and in public stations. That’s where a lot of the savings comes from, “ says Dave Stets, resident of New Orleans and Co-lead Sierra Club Electric Vehicle Initiative. “With most New Orleans homes lacking a driveway, it is critical that curbside charging be permitted in one form or another. “The ordinance follows recent recommendations of the Council’s EAC and comes timely on the heels of the Mayor’s announcement of the City’s Climate Action Plan.

Full text of the ordinance can be found at and below:

FINAL EV charger ordinance 9 28 17